Only the best for baby!

You are looking for the best for your baby! 

That's why you are here. And, having a Montessori foundation for raising your family is one of the very best ways to give your child the experiences that enhance development in every area including:

  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Spiritual

Did you also know that early experiences with Music and The Arts give your Baby not only the developmental benefits mentioned above, but also a lasting bond of joy for your family through shared experiences of "learning through the art of play?"

Did you also know that early experiences with Music have been proven to enhance a child's skills in every area of learning, as well?

Especially, Auditory Discrimination skills (necessary in developing speech and language). When Baby is introduced to musical activities during the first weeks of life and beyond, s/he will absorb that information in a natural and spontaneous way right in the middle of everyday family life. 

I've developed a set of easy-to-follow, month by month activities for you and your little one from birth to one year of age. (and even into toddlerhood!)

You'll have the tools for working with your little one using the Montessori Method.

You'll understand the value of "making music" with your little one and the simple ways to make that happen from the start.

You'll see the art of preparing a beautiful environment and lovely little activities just for your family. 


"The Musically Montessori Family": 

Introduction to Montessori Baby-Ed eCourses

(5 min.) 

Here is what a mother of two young children says about Montessori Baby-Ed eCourses.

"Anyway I just wanted to say that we have really been enjoying all of the activities! I would say his favorite is the mobile with the three colored cubes, he can sit and stare at them for quite a long time, fully engaged! It's very nice for me, I had no idea that a baby could do that on his own for so long. He also really enjoys the sound of the Mbira and it instantly calms him down. His brother loves to play it for him of course." 

 — Amanda C. (after introducing Emilio to the "Nido Basket" #1)

Learn about the Montessori method for your family

Lauren Hi., Montessori Educator, Mom & eCourse Participant (2021)

"Love the use of the mbira. (from Lesson 1) That would be great for sibling bonding, as well as the wind up music box. I Love the Rain Rain variation! I don't like singing negatively about the rain but I've never heard that version before. The recorder (musical instrument) is another fantastic instrument idea! Also, one that my older kids would love to play for the new baby to increase bonding."

Ivelina S., Montessori Infant Guide & eCourse Participant (2019)

"Again, I love those classical collection of songs, child-friendly, well said. Carolyn, your songs are priceless treasures.

I love them!!!!"

"I listened to "Little bird" singing by ELizabeth Mitchel many times. It is so lovely ....Thank you for suggesting to us these beautiful materials and music."

Debra J., Retired Montessori Teacher & eCourse Student (2018)

"Hi Carolyn. I'm looking forward to beginning this course with you! (my fourth course with you) I thought I'd start with the 2 Month lesson because my newest granddaughter just turned 2 months old. Lovely activities. Thanks, Debra"

Course Curriculum

  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH ONE
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days after you enroll
  Montessori Baby-Ed "Month-by-Month" MONTH TWO (Mo. 2)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH THREE (Mo. 3)
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days after you enroll
  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH FOUR (Mo. 4)
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days after you enroll
  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH FIVE (Mo. 5)
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days after you enroll
  Montessori Baby-Ed "Month-by-Month" MONTH SIX (Mo. 6)
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Pricing includes optional Certificate of Attendance

Meet Carolyn

I have been a Montessori educator since 1980!

From being a head teacher, a site director, a preschool owner, to being a college ECE Instructor and nowadays an AMS teacher-trainer. In 2013. I left the classroom to become a Montessori music specialist, teaching in Montessori preschools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

After my third grandchild was born, my daughter thought it would be helpful to have a set of materials and activities for her to do with her little one each month. That is when I discovered the amazing world of the Montessori baby!

Dr. Montessori called her unique infant environment "nido" which is the Italian word for "nest." So, I read everything I could find about the Montessori baby environment and its pedagogy, and I began creating monthly activities for my daughter. I call these "Nido Baskets" and since then, I have personally offered these Montessori Baby-Ed activities to several families who successfully used them with their babies.

Now that I have crafted these monthly lessons into my eCourse, "Montessori Baby-Ed", teachers and parents from around the world have enjoyed bringing these activities to their Montessori babies and young toddlers.