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Here is what a mother of two young children says about Montessori Baby-Ed eCourses.

"Anyway I just wanted to say that we have really been enjoying all of the activities! I would say his favorite is the mobile with the three colored cubes, he can sit and stare at them for quite a long time, fully engaged! It's very nice for me, I had no idea that a baby could do that on his own for so long. He also really enjoys the sound of the Mbira and it instantly calms him down. His brother loves to play it for him of course." 

 — Amanda C. (after introducing Emilio to the "Nido Basket" #1)

Here is what a Montessori Infant & Toddler Teacher says about Montessori Baby-Ed eCourse

Ivelina S, Montessori Infant & Toddler Teacher (2020) 

"Hi Carolyn!I I really enjoyed your Baby E Courses. I started this course last year. Thank you for your lessons! My Toddlers really enjoy!"

***Some things I learned:

~{hands on experiences} 'stored in the brain for future reference'- well said

~ As a Montessorian, observation is important! Yes, watch the child all the time, choking hazards! 

~ Find something aesthetically, beautiful. Materials that appeal to the child. What I like about preparing the environment "eliminate unnecessary stuff"

~ I am doing online (zoom teaching) music with my Toddlers and Pre-primary class during Pandemic lock down. your advice with comments in the lessons is very helpful.

~ I created Montessori corner in my home during Pandemic with online teaching. My husband built a shelf and a table for Toddlers. Knowing their stage of development helped us to adapt baby's environment.

***Some Montessori Baby-Ed Activities I like:

~ Good idea, basket with the same color items!

~ Jack in the box!!!! Love it!!!

~ I like the Toddler to Preschool shelf (from Month Twelve)

~ I like the child height full length mirror, clothes hanger, shoes rack and green basket (for socks). Very homey!

~ I like the sewing baske! (Month 8) 

~ I'm gonna make the music note whirls. Actually, I will try to make mobile with musical signs and notes."

Here is what a retired Montessori Teacher and grandmother says about Montessori Baby-Ed eCourses

Debra J. (2019)

"Thanks for posting this, Carolyn. 

We are loving the Baby-Ed course! My granddaughter turns 7 months old today and my daughter-in-law and I are looking forward to beginning this months activities with her. You always provide the perfect set of lessons for each month. :) 

I have been printing the lesson plans on 5 x 8 cards, laminating them and putting them on a ring to keep with each months materials. The lessons are so easy to refer to this way." 

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  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH SEVEN (Mo. 7)
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  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH EIGHT (Mo. 8)
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  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH NINE (Mo. 9)
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  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH TEN (Mo. 10)
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  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH ELEVEN (Mo. 11)
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  Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH TWELVE (Mo. 12)
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Meet Carolyn

I have been a Montessori educator since 1980! 

From being a head teacher, a site director, a preschool owner, to being a college ECE Instructor and nowadays an AMS teacher-trainer. In 2013. I left the classroom to become a Montessori music specialist, teaching in Montessori preschools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

After my third grandchild was born, my daughter thought it would be helpful to have a set of materials and activities for her to do with her little one each month. That is when I discovered the amazing world of the Montessori baby! 

Dr. Montessori called her unique infant environment "nido" which is the Italian word for "nest." So, I read everything I could find about the Montessori baby environment and its pedagogy, and I began creating monthly activities for my daughter. I call these "Nido Baskets" and since then, I have personally offered these Montessori Baby-Ed activities to several families who successfully used them with their babies.

Now that I have crafted these monthly lessons into my eCourse, "Montessori Baby-Ed", teachers and parents from around the world have enjoyed bringing these activities to their Montessori babies and young toddlers.