Welcome, Introductions, and Overview of the Course

Montessori ART Part ONE Overview and Preparation for this Workshop Instructional Video #1

Welcome! I am happy that you have joined my eCourse, "Montessori Workshop: Creating an Art Curriculum for the Young Child."

I am excited to be guiding you in creating a Montessori Art Curriculum for your group!

Here is what we will be exploring in this eCourse:

  • A "rationale" for your Preschool Art Curriculum, based on Montessori's writings and typical development in the young child
  • Creating the Montessori Art environment
  • Basic elements of Art
  • How to create your Montessori Art curriculum
  • Activity ideas for the first days of school, for introducing Art Appreciation to young children, for exploring Art from around the world, and for creating Art activity units
  • Sample Lesson plans for setting up a sequential and developmentally appropriate Art Curriculum for young children in a Montessori setting, including:
  1. A Free Choice Shelf
  2. Cutting Activities
  3. Painting & Printing
  4. Exploring Color
  5. Drawing
  6. Gluing
  7. Sculpture
  8. Handwork Activities
  9. Art & Montessori Cultural Studies
  10. Seasonal & Holiday Activities
  11. Art History

In addition, you will also:

  • Watch my Instructional videos to help you see how to create your Montessori Art Curriculum
  • Download the pdf's to create your Montessori Art Album
  • Write your own rationale for creating an art curriculum in the Montessori setting
  • Create your own Art Activity and Lesson Plan to try out with your group
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance (18 clock hours) This is optional and requires verification by the Instructor. Please contact me to set up this verification process.

CONTACT: [email protected]

The following video gives you a quick introduction and first steps to creating your Montessori Art Curriculum.

Please have your Montessori Art manual materials on hand since I will be referring to these often throughout this course. (Refer to the following lesson for your Montessori Art Album pdf downloads.)

You will learn the importance of your manual, not only for future reference and reminder of a particular art activity, but also a reminder of the process involved in creating each art work.

As we move through this online course, the idea is for you to be developing your own skills in presenting Art to Montessori children, by actually making samples of the activities yourself and storing these samples in your album. Making these samples is an important component of in-person training workshops, and so it is also important in you online studies as well.



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