Bonus Lesson: "Preparation...It's All in the Preparation!"

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I am delighted to have you join my eCourse and I look forward to getting to know you and what musical activities you already like doing with your group.

This BONUS LESSON is for you to explore before you start the eCourse. There are videos and lists for you to see and gather your resources, prepare yourself, and prepare your environment.

1. If you haven't already joined the FaceBook page that is set up for dialoging with me and the others in the course, please do! I would love to have you join.

Here's that link:

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2. You can access these lessons anytime for at least a year after your initial enrollment in the eCourse. 

3. This course, "Instrument Families of the Orchestra", is designed to present the 4 basic divisions of instruments of the Orchestra in a hands-on manner using Montessori principles of instruction.

I will be covering the basics of:

Focused Listening: offering short excerpts from well-known classical music pieces for children to listen for particular instruments playing in the pieces.

Categorizing the divisions of instruments in a traditional orchestra including:

  • The Brass Family
  • The String Family
  • The Woodwind Family
  • The Percussion Family

Featuring famous composers of the music heard in each lesson

Introducing rhythm instruments to children without getting a headache!

Planning playful activities for hands-on experiences with the basic elements of music

Presenting the step-by-step process in each lesson as well as an appropriate, sequential music curriculum that builds skills

Having fun while learning, too! 

  • Circle Games
  • Exploring instruments
  • Movement, dance and drama activities 
  • Individualized shelf works 
  • Art projects 
  • Simple music performance ideas 

I have compiled a list of the materials you will need to get the most out of this course and to be able to continue offering wonderful music activities throughout the year, beyond these first 12 weeks!


  1. Music sound system (ex: cd player or iPod with speaker)
  2. These unpitched rhythm instruments for you and the children:

3. A way to print off the visuals from the pdf file for each week's activity (and a laminating system as well)

4. At least one high quality pitched instrument (ex: Montessori brass bells, a true sounding Glockenspiel, etc.) or a pitch pipe

5. Time set aside each week to watch the 15 minute videos, review the lesson plans, prepare the materials you will need and to practice a little beforehand

6. A way to download mp3 recordings from Amazon or iTunes AND/OR a way to purchase the the recorded music we will be using in the lessons (ex: Music from Mozart, recordings from Frank Leto, etc.)

This eCourse Includes the following music for you to download in Mp3 format:

~ "Classical Fun Sing-A-Longs" CD: Fortunately for you, 24 selections from this old stand-by of mine are included in the mp3 music downloads in this eCourse. These music selections are DIFFERENT from the ones included in my Musically Montessori eCourse, "First Twelve Weeks"

~ Music from various famous composers that I have compiled for you in Mp3 format from public domain recordings. 


  • Tambourines with heads: one for each child and teacher if your budget allows, otherwise rhythm sticks can be used instead. I use this brand: Rhode Island Novelty 5 in. mini tambourines Pack of 12. at Amazon
  • Chiquitas (small-sized maracas with a soft sound) At least one for each child and teacher, if your budget allows, otherwise rhythm sticks can be used instead. A pair for each person is ideal. I like these: Basic Beat Chiquitas at West Music
  • Sand blocks: a pair for each child and teacher if your budget allows, otherwise rhythm sticks can be used instead. I use these sand blocks from Kindermusik International: Green Sandblocks at $4.95 a pair.
  • Baby's First: Instruments of the Orchestra This wonderful cd is not available in mp3 format, but it is a very helpful and orderly introduction to the Instrument Families of the Orchestra. Unfortunately, it is also out of print, but it is possible to obtain from Amazon. I love this album. It has clear and lovely recordings of each instrument from each of the four families. 
  • Rhythm Band Jam (by Frank Leto) You can download the individual selections that we will use in some of the lessons, but I recommend just purchasing the whole album because there are so many activities you can use from this cd. If you go to Frank's website and purchase the cd, then you will get the little booklet that outlines the sequence of activities and how to do them. Otherwise, you can download the mp3 selections we will use from Amazon: HERE.

Video #1: Preparing for Instruments of the Orchestra Unit



This is a video from my first Musically Montessori eCourse: "First Twelve Weeks" and it is helpful in preparing your Montessori music curriculum. If you've had my first eCourse, you can skip this video or watch it again for a review.

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